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Alternate airports - How Can A Traveler Use Them

Alternate airports - How Can A Traveler Use Them

  • By Mary A
  • Travel Tips

Traveling by air is stressful, and most airports’ employees don’t make the experience any better. However, to reduce stress and travel fares, many passengers seek alternate airports. These airports are smaller and less used than the big hubs. This translates to an easier check in process, much lower fares for parking and other services.

These smaller airports are not well known to the public because they generally serve smaller airline companies that specialize in short flights. There are times when boarding a plane from an alternative airport may cost more compared to boarding the plane from a big airport. This applies when the city you want to fly to doesn’t have a direct line to yours. In this case, driving or taking the public transportation to a large hub seems to be a better choice. Some people drive some 300 miles to the big airport in a different city, just for this reason. Of course not everyone drives, and some people don’t think that going to a bigger city to use the airport there makes that big of a difference when it comes to money. If you’re one of them, using the small local airport is perfectly fine.

Most big US cities are served by a few smaller airports in addition to their main one. If you book your ticket online you might have to use the advanced search options to find them. You should also remember that not all big airports are close to the city they serve. This is especially true in several European countries, such as Germany and France. The problem arises when the airport also doesn’t have public transportation with easy access to the city. This aspect must be taken into consideration especially when traveling abroad.

What you should know is that the popularity of the alternate airports is on the rise. Their services might improve ore in the future.