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Bald Head Island Limited

Five reasons to go to Bald Head Island Limited

  • By Andrew A
  • Hotels and Resorts

Your vacation time should not be wasted on trying to find an enjoyable destination. Check out five reasons to go to Bald Head Island Limited, an amazing place by the beach.

See the beaches
Spread over 14 miles, the beaches in the area are the best in the state. Whether you want to spend a romantic vacation with your significant other or go on a family trip, the beaches are not something to miss. You can get all the privacy you need, or visit a lively area in order to play beach sports.

Take Yoga classes
Yoga is a popular activity that will help you feel at peace with yourself and the world. Bald Head Island Limited offers beginner and advanced yoga lessons twice a week. All the classes start in the morning at 9 am, and you may get a discount if you purchase more than 10 classes at once.

Attend the Champagne Tuesday event
If you love a glass of champagne once in a while, join the Champagne Tuesday festival. You will get to taste free champagne, win cool prizes and maybe make new friends. The event takes place in June and is free to attend.

Howl At The Moon festival
If you are planning your trip for the month of August, you will love attending this huge party. The island tradition enables tourists to mingle with locals over the course of a few days. You will get free food and drinks, get the chance to watch live entertainment performances and of course, have fun.

Bluefish Bonanza
Many people love fishing, and this event is all about this relaxing activity. Beside engaging in a competition, guests can also attend a reception and a party packed with good food. Bluefish Bonanza happens on weekends, so make sure to get there on time.