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Bowen's by the Bays

Five reasons to go to Bowen's by the Bays

  • By Andrew A
  • Hotels and Resorts

The next five reasons to go to Bowen's by the Bays (New York) will reveal enough about this resort to make anyone curious about it. At the same time some good stuff will be up to you to discover.

Family friendly
This resort is appropriate for everyone no matter their age or how many legs they use to walk. Yes, you read that right! Your family is not you, your spouse and kids, but the family dog as well! All of you are welcomed to spend a few days away from the stuff giving you a headache, for a chance to reconnect.

Fun in the sun
Having some fun in the sun is super easy in this resort. All you have to do is to walk down to the beach! Choose your favorite beach first: the one by the ocean or the one by the bay? The resort’s swimming pool is another way of enjoying both the sun and the water.

Play tennis
You don’t have to worry about a heat stroke when playing tennis because all you have to do is wait for the night and turn on the lights on the court for a night tennis match. You don’t have to pay for your time on court nor for the equipment as long as you’re a guest. How cool is that? Tennis classes are available for a price though.

Visit a farmstand
Visiting a farmstand is super easy because there are many in the vicinity of the resort, especially of you go to East End Getaway. You’ll be able to buy a lot of fresh farm produce, not only fruits and vegetables.

Visit an art gallery
The East End Getaway is also home to several art galleries. Several artistic events happen throughout the year as well, so you might have the chance to attend one too.