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Business Class Travel - What Does It Mean

Business Class Travel - What Does It Mean

  • By Mary A
  • Travel Tips

Have you ever wondered what does it mean or how does it feel to travel in business class?  Read on if you never had the pleasure to experience this type of traveling. First of all only airplanes and trains offer this type of tickets and seats. However those traveling to France will find out that the business class is a chauffeured limousine with special services included.

Business class was initially intended as a middle ground between economy and first class seats on airplanes. This class was introduced towards the end of 1970 decade and received various names across the different airlines. The first airline company to introduce business class travel was KLM. Some of the airlines copying the service weren’t as successful, however passengers slowly got used to the new class. Today the business class seats replaced those in first class. The shift can be seen in many aircrafts and airlines.

Depending on the airline and the aircraft the business class seats can be made to lay flat. For instance, some Boeings operated by Air New Zealand have these seats for the flights to Australia and the Pacific Islands. Some other Boeings operated by the same airline have recliner seats in the business class on the same routes. For other companies flying this class means more legroom and a better service. Sometimes a curtain can separate business and economy class seats. Long haul flights offer a selection of fine wines, champagne, and a meal of up to 5 courses in addition to super comfortable seats that can turn into beds.

On trains business class seats are offered for medium long haul trips. Passengers receive non-alcoholic drinks and a newspaper. Depending on the train, these seats can be at the end of the cafe car or in a dedicated business class car.