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Five reasons to go to Catamount

  • By Andrew A
  • Hotels and Resorts

A ski resort sounds like the best way of spending your winter holidays. Check out the five reasons to go to Catamount and enjoy your trip.

Catamount Ski

The cool Terrain Park
If you're feeling adventurous and want to ski just like a pro, the Terrain Park is the perfect spot. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or not, show off your newly found talents at the park. Take your friends with you and engage in competitions that will make the trip more fun.

Take ski lessons
Are you envious on your friends who can ski better? There is no reason to, as Catamount offers group and private lessons any day of the week. The better your ski skills, the more enjoyable your vacation will be. You can schedule a lesson on the website or make a phone call. The resort provides any type of classes, even for beginners.

Area lunching and dining
You will surely feel tired and hungry after an entire day in the snow. Head over to the Mount Washington House for a homemade pizza and a glass of beer. This cool pub also serves yummy daily specials and vegan dishes. You and your friends will surely have a lot of fun eating and talking about your skiing experience.

Explore the area
Once you get bored of the snowy mountain, take some time to explore the surroundings. Catamount features many bookstores, antique shops, but also museums and art galleries. You can even buy clothes and accessories if you are in a shopping mood.

Snow mountain events
Catamount is a popular New York winter destination, so events take place weekly. Don't end your trip without attending a performance or take part in a skiing competition. Many of the events have a free admission, so all you have to do is be there on time.