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  • By Mary A
  • First Class Travel - What Does It Mean

First class travel is the ultimate travel experience and the price for it is very high, but well worth it if you want to be comfortable on a long haul trip. This type of travel is seen on passenger ships, airplanes, and trains. Several airline companies removed the first class seats even on their international flights, but the other means of traveling have not. It is interesting to note that in some countries the term first class is not used, but the service is offered. Such countries are Japan and Russia, for example.

First class travel means more space for the legs, less people in the cabin, very comfortable seats, reduced, and even flat screen TVs. Of course, each type of transportation, and each company has their own amenities. In Russian trains, especially for the Trans-Siberian rides that can last up to a week, the service includes a shower for 16 people as compared to the lower class ones where a shower is shared by up to 54 passengers. The Premium car is actually the first class car with added features, and offers a shower cabin to each passenger.

On a cruise ship first class means larger cabins. They come with priority for checking in, embarkation, disembarkation, and meal-sitting selection. Some lines, usually the premium ones, even offer a butler service, for an upgraded comfort.

On planes, the first class seats are found usually at the front of the plane and they are rarely more than 20. Should you fly the Emirates Airline in first class, on a Boeing 777-200LR, expect to find self serviced beverages, door for increased privacy, a coat rack, and even storage. Other aircrafts from the same fleet have other advantages. The Skycruiser’s first class may have a minibar for each passenger.