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Top 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations In EU

Top 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations In EU

  • By Thomas M
  • Travel Places

Europe is usually not cheap enough for an extended vacation, however some of its countries are quite affordable. Read below for info on the top 10 cheapest holiday destinations in EU.

1. Prague
If you want to visit the Czech Republic, Prague is your best bet. The city is large and affordable still, although its prices seem to be on the rise recently.

2. Istanbul
This colorful city in Turkey is a real paradise for bargain shoppers and nightlife seekers. You can buy souvenirs for your friends or try out some traditional foods for cheap.

3. Lisbon
Portugal's capital city, Lisbon, offers comfortable lodging and yummy dishes for much cheaper than other European cities.

4. Budapest
If you take a walk through the city you will be surprised at its diverse architecture and rich nightlife. Budapest is also packed with nice eateries and budget friendly hotels.

5. Valencia
Conveniently located by the Mediterranean Sea, Valencia is still an affordable holiday spot for US tourists.

6. Berlin
Berlin is one of Europe's major cities and thus hotel prices may not always be cheap. However, the city features inexpensive and easy to reach public transport.

7. Crete
You may find this beautiful island a little hard to reach, but once there you will forget all about it and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

8. Bucharest
This Eastern-European city is relatively cheap, even in its more posh neighborhoods. You may enjoy taking a stroll through Bucharest's downtown area, where most of its restaurants are located.

9. Riga
Riga has become a trendy city over the past years. If you decide to spend your vacation here, take some time to see its historical buildings and amazing parks.

10. Amsterdam
Amsterdam is like a hidden gem for US tourists. The city's easygoing vibe along with its cheap prices attract numerous visitors every year.