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Top 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations In USA

Top 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations In USA

  • By Thomas M
  • Travel Places

If you are searching for an inexpensive vacation that is also fun, you should check out the top 10 cheapest holiday destinations in USA.

1. Yosemite
Yosemite will provide an adventurous vacation packed with excitement. This huge natural park located in California has many cheap camping areas and some of the best natural attractions in the US.

2. Savannah
This city has a long and rich history and numerous touristic attractions. You can try out one of the traditional southern dishes or visit the College of Art & Design for very cheap.

3. Washington D.C.
You may be surprised at how many inexpensive entertainment options Washington provides. If you skip the more expensive hotels, you can easily find a place to stay for a low cost.

4. Seattle
Seattle is a great touristic destinations where you can get coffee for pretty cheap. Enjoy watching the city while drinking a Starbucks coffee or visit the Olympic Mountains.

5. Yellowstone
This amazing natural park can be visited at any time of the year. You can hike, ski, or simply enjoy a hot spring. Yellowstone is the perfect family destination.

6. New Orleans
New Orleans features a historical district with architectural buildings and cozy hotels for budget conscious tourists.

7. Austin
A rich in nightlife city, Austin does not disappoint with its selection of live music events and cheap hotels either.

8. Chicago
While the city may seem luxurious at first glance, there are many free of charge activities you can engage in. Visit the Millennium Park first, for a relaxing afternoon.

9. San Antonio
You will not have a moment to get bored if you visit San Antonio. This colorful city features street markets, cheap hotels and live concerts.

10. Myrtle Beach
Spend some time on the gorgeous beach and experience the great sea food this city offers its tourists.