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  • By Mike H
  • Travel Search Engines

Hotwire is basically a discount travel web site which was established in 2000 by four founders. They are in associate with six of the major air lines. The company was founded by Eric Grosse and Spencer Rascoff, as well as Karl Peterson and Gregg Brockway. The airlines that work with Hotwire are United, Continental, Northwest, US Airways, American, and Northwest. The head quarter are situated in San Francisco. This company delivers several different offers for the consumers. These offers contain cheap air flight, hotel rooms, rent a car services, and different vacation packages.

At Hotwire, you will be given the chance of bargaining for most of your desired travel needs. Only one or two more sites can be found that can offer the same type of money-saving offers and connections to airlines. If you compare them to Hotwire, you are likely to find that it the best thanks to its association with the airlines themselves. Besides airfare, they also offer one of the largest collections of hotel booking options available online.

One noted term of hotel booking process must be explained. When booking a hotel or room, there is no option to check it out prior to paying for the stay. In many ways this is a bad feature, but if you want to see the room before reserving, then an agent must book it before you. This means that the number of rooms would be very limited. On the other hand, if you trust a company to manage your room, then they can arrange according to your choice. You just let them know that what kind of room you want, and most of the time, the best option will be available. While the inability to view a room first may deter many potential customers, most people are familiar enough with hotel brands to understand what to expect, and the smaller overhead provided by not delivering more information on each room individually means that the pricing can stay reasonably lower.

When booking airline tickets, there are many options. As mentioned, the six top airlines are associated to this company. So, you can get the direct discount from the airline company itself. Since, Hotwire collects tickets directly from those companies, they can actually offer cheaper rates than almost all other booking sites online.

So what about a total package? There are a lot of available vacation packages, honeymoon packages, and other corporate personal packages. Packages can also become customized to help reduce the overall fees or make sure that every desired feature is available during the trip. A completely custom package means that the consumer gets their way, knows what to expect on pricing, and doesn't have to worry about things being missing or lackluster.

Hotwire really is one of the cheapest and most trusted travel and booking websites available. Thanks to that associate with the airlines and even many hotels, Hotwire offers some cuts that aren't seen elsewhere. With a mostly positive response from customers, it's easy to see that Hotwire is one of the most likely choices.