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Old Santa Fe Inn

Old Santa Fe Inn (New Mexico)

  • By Andrew A
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The first impression most tourists have of the Old Santa Fe Inn is that of a cozy place where they can feel at home. A cozy place is best enhanced by some fun activities. Next you can read about the top 5 things to do in Old Santa Fe Inn (New Mexico), during your next vacation.

Paying a visit to the museum
Santa Fe has almost 20 museums you can stop by. They display art made by the Native Americans, Spanish colonial art, and one dedicated to indian women who chose to become artists. There is also a history and a children’s museum.

It seems that those visiting Santa Fe also like hiking. Sangre de Cristo Mountains are close to the downtown area and they offer miles and miles of trails to cover. You can even get educated while hiking by having a local joining you. You can ride a bike if you are not a fan of walking.

Play golf
Santa Fe seems a good place for golf lovers. There are 4 golf courses here. All of them offer amazing views so you might want to bring your camera as well to snap a few photos. Always remember to book your tee time or you might not be able to play.

Have an amazing dining experience
You will have plenty of choices when it comes to international cuisine. You can have Italian, Greek, Indian, French, but even American and Southwestern restaurants to go to. Even vegetarians will find plenty of food to their liking.

Many shopping options
If you want or need to buy something in specific, chances are you will find it in Santa Fe. However if you’re in town check out the indian market, summer market, or one of the many stores selling clothes, accessories, and even furniture items.