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  • By Mike H
  • Travel Search Engines

If you look for any travel websites you can find many options around you. But it is some times hard to find a suitable flight with the desired package. Orbitz Travels is one of the common and most popular travel websites among the world for airline tickets, cheap hotel booking or reservation, car rental, vacation packages, and many other features. There are lots of features that can be told about this travel website, and some of the most impressive are noted below.

Price Assurance Policy: Orbitz authority always keep their eyes on your satisfaction so that you don't take the extra load of thinking about getting more for your money. One of their features for consumer is their price assurance policy. According to that policy, if a consumer insures his booking for the same ticket or hotel room for an amount that is significantly less than what you were charge, then they will issue you 110% refund of the difference in the form Orbitz credit, which can be redeemed for future travel needs. This amount ranges from $5 to $250 per airline ticket, and $5 to $500 per hotel booking.

Consumer Friendly Web Site: Another attractive feature is that Orbitz offers a website which that is full of well-arranged modules that make the site more friendly for the common consumers. The web site home page offers basic functions for searching through many questions like: "Do you only need an airline ticket? Do you want to bundle your air fare, hotel, and rental car? Are you interested in a cruise?" The search is distributed for every module so that the visitor can find their queries more easily. For example, you can search for one-way or round-trip or multi-city journeys while searching flights. This modules appears in a search panel that is shown very easily and offers almost no hassle. Besides, there is also an option named "combo searches." In this option you can easily make a customized package and search for the best possible rate. 

Customized Package: There are many travel websites with many packages, but most of them offers static packages from where you can choose the total or any part of the total package. But only a few of them give the option of making a custom package by the customers. Orbitz is one of them. In their web site you will be given all possible options from where you can choose your demands and needs and then the corresponding price will be shown with the total calculation. It makes the feature smarter.


So, you can choose Orbitz for the safest and most flexible option for your travel. There are some question that may arise in your mind during choosing your travel sources because you can find so many options around you, but most of them have many delays and issues because every option focuses on themes like corporate packages, personal packages, airline tickets, and many other options. So, they are best in one or more features and to complete the package, they manage the other features from different sources. In those cases, only a few travel resources have total focus on every possible options. And Orbitz is one of the best of them. This is actually the main feature of Orbitz travel site.