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Overcoming the Fear Of Flying

Overcoming the Fear Of Flying

  • By Mary A
  • Travel Tips

The fear of of flying is a common issue many travelers encounter. While most people are able to overcome their anxiety and board on a plane, others feel completely paralyzed just at the mere thought of a trip. Overcoming the fear of flying is not always easy, but rest assured it can be achieved.

Choose a comfortable flight
Back in the days, choosing your own route was close to impossible. Nowadays, a traveler can easily decide on what seating, flight and even route they want to take. Book your flight online and consider your options. A shorter route with no layover and comfortable seats will relieve some of the anxiety you are experiencing.

Take notice of other planes
If you arrive early enough at the airport, you will get the chance to get used to your surroundings and see many other travelers in the same situation. Take some time to watch other planes taking off and get used to the thought of boarding on your own plane.

Get a good night's rest
It is known tiredness triggers anxious feelings, and you can avoid it by sleeping well the night before your trip. Make sure to get 8 hours of rest and perhaps read a book before going to bed. You will feel refreshed and less anxious in the morning, causing your fear of flying to decrease.

Get used to the sounds of the plane
Planes are usually noisy and can easily cause fear and anxiety. If you don't often travel by plane, get an idea of what a real flight entails before boarding. All the sounds you hear are most likely normal, so try to keep your cool and bring a pair of headphones with you. These will minimize the noise and make you feel safer.