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The Best Packing Practices

The Best Packing Practices

  • By Mary A
  • Travel Tips

Packing is a skill not everyone has. If you want to be faster when packing for your trip, take some time to learn more about the best packing practices.

Make the best out of your space
If you have many things you need to take with you, teach yourself how to pack smart. Roll your clothes instead of folding them as this will make room for other needed items. Make a habit out of wrapping smaller, breakable objects in a thick scarf. If you roll your clothes, they will look fresh and not get wrinkly upon arrival.

Keep things simple
Many people make the mistake of over-packing, even if they only planned a weekend getaway. Take a moment to consider whether you will really have enough time to use all the clothes you take with you. Give up the things you don't need and stick to the basics.

Consider the weather
If you planned an exotic vacation, you will most likely not need an umbrella anytime soon. However, if you will be traveling to a place where rain and wind are a common occurrence, pack an extra scarf and a hat.

Consider the TSA regulations
The rules are different in each country, and sometimes even in each state. Check the regulations before packing, in order to ensure you are actually allowed to bring the items you pack. Remember to buy travel size essentials, such as a toothbrush and perhaps perfume.

Limit the amount you carry
If you have a travel companion or your family is coming along, make sure everyone is carrying a piece of luggage. The load will become easier once you have some help, and it will help you not feel overwhelmed. In the end, you will be able to enjoy your trip without thinking too much about the luggage.