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Sandy Shores Resort Motel

Sandy Shores Resort Motel (New Jersey)

  • By Andrew A
  • Hotels and Resorts

Some resorts or hotels are more popular than others because of their location. According to the staff at the Sandy Shores Motel, their location is their best feature. To decide if to spend your vacation there you still need to know at least the top 5 things to do in Sandy Shores Resort Motel (New Jersey).

Fun in the water
You can have some fun in the motel’s pool or in the ocean. The beach is within walking distance and it is free to go there. If you want even more excitement when playing in water, you could check out the waterpark that is also within a short walk distance.

Go to a concert
The summer is filled with various concerts that take place out in the open. Everyone can attend as there is no entrance fee. Most concerts happen in the evening, starting at 8pm. You should ask the staff at the Sandy Shores Motel for more details regarding the dates and location.

Participate in some tournament
The City of North Wildwood hosts various championships and tournaments every year. If you think you have what it takes to win any or more of them, then you need to book a room right now. The fishing tournament and gymnastics championships seem to be quite popular.

Go to a festival
Festivals are events full of fun. This city hosts several of them especially in summer, and the Sandy Shores Resort Motel offers easy access to all of them. The international Kite Festival gathers many tourists, while the newly created Beer Fest will surely make many beer lovers very happy.

Go on a tour
There are several tours taking place in the City of North Wildwood. The tour that stands out is the Doo Wop Back to the 50s Neon Night. towards the end of June. The selling point of this tour is seeing the most buildings using the doo wop architectural style.