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Seabrook Inn

Seabrook Inn (New Hampshire)

  • By Andrew A
  • Hotels and Resorts

Finding the perfect family friendly resort in New Hampshire has never been easier. Check out the top 5 things to do in Seabrook Inn for a few ideas! The entire area is a popular tourist destination rich in attractions and things to do.

Hampton Beach Casino & Ballroom
The Beach Casino is the right place to go for a night full of fun. You can purchase online tickets and go attend one of the shows with your friends. The Casino is a popular place for summer tourists, and the best bands play live music here every night. When you feel tired, head over to the lounge for a few drinks.

Visit Salisbury Beach
The beach is situated only a short walk away from Seabrook Inn. Why not go there in the morning for a few hours, take in the atmosphere and find some fun things to do? The beach hosts several events such as the annual Sea Festival. Special events are taking place every Saturday.

Eating out with your family
Don't miss on the chance to spend some time with your family over a nice meal. Many eateries and small restaurants are located straight on the beach. You can eat pizza or pasta at a local Italian place, or simply go grab some ice cream while catching some sun rays.

Play games at The Poker Room
If you like gambling, The Poker Room is located only 5 minutes away. Walk there when you are in the mood for poker or other table games. The casino also features special events. Guests can win prizes, enter competitions or just relax at the lounge.

Visit Seabrook Greyhound Park
Taking a walk in a famous park sounds like the perfect way of spending a Sunday afternoon. The park includes the Kennel Club restaurant which is ideal for a romantic dinner.