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Seapointe Village Resort

Seapointe Village Resort (New Jersey)

  • By Andrew A
  • Hotels and Resorts

After reading this top 5 things to do in Seapointe Village Resort (New Jersey), nobody will be able to stay away. Liking the sun and the beach is one of the main conditions for anyone to want to come here. Hopefully you're one of these people.

Visit a historic village
If you like history then you’ll be more than happy to learn that the  Historic Cold Spring Village is waiting for more visitors. This village brings back to life the way people used to live back in the beginning of the 19th century in South Jersey. This is something you won’t see too often.

Go to the spa
While the historic village is open only in summer, the spa is open year round: after all everyone wants to look good no matter the season. The white and yellow decor of the cabana where the massage takes places will make you feel like it’s summer, no matter the temperature outside.

Bird watching
Birds are amazing creatures and you can observe their behaviour all throughout the year. By visiting the Wetlands Institute you help the conservation of the coastal ecosystem. This activity is suited for the whole family. The young ones will love to learn more about birds especially in this fun way.

Improve your golf skills
The warm months of the year are perfect for improving your golf playing skills. Being in a resort offers the best excuse for this purpose. The golf course is located at the Laguna Oaks and was designed by Fred Langford. It is best to book your tee time beforehand.

Pay a visit to a brewery
The Cape May Brewery is where all local beer lovers go to at least once. This brewery has created 10 craft beers that can be enjoyed at various food vendors, if a brewery visit is not possible.