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South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa

South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa (Nevada)

  • By Andrew A
  • Hotels and Resorts

The South Point Hotel offer easy access to the famous Vegas Strip. While you’ll have plenty of attractions outside the hotel to check out, you must also learn about the top 5 things to do in South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa (Nevada).

Play Bingo
There are many ways of winning big buck, and Bingo is just one of them. However there are not many places where this game can be enjoyed. The South Point Hotel is one of the best locations to try your luck. The big Bingo room holds daily 8 Bingo sessions. One session has 12 games and a Cashball Jackpot.

Ride a horse
The Arena Equestrian Center at this hotel is where the most prestigious indoor events in the world are held. The arena has over 4,500 seats, 1,200 stalls with air conditioning, and an indoor practice arena of 270' x 90'. Keep in mind that the public can’t board their horses here.

Watch a movie
We’re not talking about renting a movie and watching in your hotel room, but about the movie theater at the hotel. The movies are played in 3D and XD for an exceptional movie experience. Tuesdays has a special ticket offer throughout the day.

Get a rejuvenating treatment
Spa Costa del Sur can make you feel and look younger and relaxed with a carefully selected array of treatments. There are 27 rooms for individual treatments and 4 suites for couples’ treatments. Even teens can benefit from this spa’s sessions as they’re adapted to their needs.

Night time entertainment
The hotel staff made sure to keep everyone entertained and to make them laugh. For this purpose alone various comedic shows and not only can be enjoyed every day of the week. It seems that the best of them is currently Gregg Austin’s M Town and More.