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West Bay Resort

Five reasons to visit West Bay Resort

  • By Andrew A
  • Hotels and Resorts

Usually when people choose to spend their holidays in a resort they do because it offers private access to a beach or skiing slope. One advantage of the West Bay Resort is a private lake opening and launch area. You have other five reasons to visit West Bay Resort.

Guided fishing
Even if you love fishing and you know a lot about this relaxing sport, you cannot know where are the best areas to catch big fish. Book a guided tour that will ensure you will have more than one chance of fishing jumbo perch and walleyes.

Guided hunting
Clearly this activity is not for those who like animals, however a guided hunting trip is better than one without supervision and useful indications. This service should be booked ahead of time, just like the guided fishing one. Make sure you have valid permits for these activities.

Much needed privacy
This resort offers several lodging options, however those who want a peaceful time while enjoying some privacy should choose the cabins. There are a few cabins available that are equipped in such a way to make you feel at home.

Visit a museum
There are at least 5 museums you can visit around the resort, but you will first have to drive 15 miles to the East, to the city of Devils Lake. The MAritime Museum, Sheriff’s House and the Old Post Office Museum are 3 of the museums that stand out more. Should you not want to go fishing and hunting, then the trips to the museums are a better option.

To ride a snowmobile
Not everyone realises that North Dakota is one of the states blessed with four seasons and the West Bay Resort is opened year round. The guests have something fun to do during every season, and in winter riding the snowmobile seems a main attraction.