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Winchester Inn

Five reasons to visit Winchester Inn

  • By Andrew A
  • Hotels and Resorts

The inn was named after the famous Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, and the rooms are named after various family members of those first opening this inn. These are five reasons to visit Winchester Inn, a mysterious looking house located in Ashland, Oregon.

To see the award winning gardens
Starting from scratch, Laurie - an avid gardener and owner of the Inn - used bulldozers, designed flowing lines, and foundations for the building's tiered gardens. More than 30 years later, the work of the initial years is still seen and appreciated by anyone who stays or visits the Inn. Take a moment of your trip to experience your stay with all of your senses.

To dine and having wine at the Inn
Winner of a dessert competition judged by the public, and winner of a fine wine list, the Winchester restaurant will offer its guests an unique experience for your palate.

To attend Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Only two blocks away from the festival, the Winchester Inn offers not only a convenient place to stay at, but also discounts for you to enjoy well known plays.

To ignite romance
From ordering a locally made bottle of wine, to surprising your partner with house made truffles, from filling the room with seasonal flower bouquets to decorating the room and bath tube with dozens of roses, to setting up a massage; the Inn has it all for you to set up one of the most romantic and sensual evenings of your life. This is a perfect package for newlyweds.

Go ice skating
Should it be winter, there is nothing better to try out than ice skating. The Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink is where you must be during the cold months of the winter for some outdoors excitement with your partner or friends, so what are you waiting for?